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Hi everybody and thanks for visiting ColdTurkeyNow.com

I have been in internet marketing and blogging for more than six years now and currently running a nutrition website and several Amazon product reviews websites. I spent half of my life abroad, in Australia- Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, UK– London and Watford, Argentina– Buenos Aires, Italy and had the chance to travel quite a bit.

My background is in business and finance and had 9 to 5 jobs for about 12 years and started building my first website when I was working in my last job in London as a Supply Chain Analyst in a major white goods manufacturer. What made me start with this travel and lifestyle blog journey is my trust in my experience in internet marketing, having tried out different things and even succeeding in some and getting a chance to use it in something I am passionate about- travel, food, architecture, history, getting to know different people, being very open to new experiences. The world is an exciting place and why not make the best of each day and place we go to.

Being a graduate of one of the top universities in Istanbul and having masters degrees from London and Queensland and speaking a few languages, it was probably hard for some people to understand how I could decide to quit my career all of a sudden and take an unknown journey, starting in South America and continuing with Turkey and Europe and working online. I will continue running my other product review sites while working on the travel and lifestyle blog with Turkey as the main focus and side travel in the region and Europe as well.

I will also talk about the far away countries I visited as well, again with Turkey as the main focus. There is a lot I can say about Turkey and my travel and living experiences abroad, especially Australia and UK. So I will try and keep this website updated, discussing different topics including travel, food, culture, history, living abroad and more. Please, always feel free to comment and give me any feedback and constructive criticism you can, to help me grow this travel website and make this a great platform for those traveling to Turkey or intending to live here, so please contribute as much as you can. 

Thank you

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